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Hi, I’m Emily…. a mother, yoga teacher, former corporate HR professional, former professional dancer, wife, ex-pat, reader, and writer. I grew up in southern California, spent most of my twenties in Boston, MA, and now live in rural England where my boys are often late for school because there are sheep in the road or I’m stuck behind a slow tractor.

I started Not Another Yoga Blog because I spent the first 35 years of my life not teaching yoga, yet now all anyone talks to me about is yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga and I love teaching it, but I think we yoga teachers do ourselves a disservice if our entire lives focus around yoga.

Writing has always been my passion, and I’ve had brief spurts of productivity, but I often let it take a backseat, especially since having kids. Am I a writer or am I a yoga teacher? At which one am I better? Should I focus more exclusively on one versus the other? I’ve struggled with these questions for a while now. But why can’t I be both? Why do they have to be separate? My love of yoga and my love of literature come from the same place inside of me…. a deep desire to discover truth, to feel more alive, to feel more connected to my fellow man.

I write because I have a voice. I write because a muted voice leads to a clogged soul. I write because I am more than a pretty yoga pose. My power isn’t my hamstrings. My power isn’t my abs. My power is my voice, my soul, my heart, my mind. I write because my voice needs a release. Without a release, it festers, it boils, then dies down, thinking it’s not important, that is doesn’t deserve to be heard.

So here I am sending out my voice. Where it lands, I do not know. In some ways, I do not care. But I must release it into the world, lest it gnaw my soul and mute my mind. This is why I write. This is why I teach yoga.

I hope to reach those out there who want more than a pretty picture with a feel-good quote underneath. I hope we can share, collaborate, and form a community of people with something to say.

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