We started Not Another Yoga Blog because we don’t often see ourselves reflected in most yoga magazines and online yoga communities.

Yoga is just one component to life. It sets us up so we can live life to the fullest, and that means – gasp! – we are interested in other things besides yoga. So, this community is for those who are bored by “8 poses to welcome the full moon,” and who don’t think there are 3 simple yoga moves to help depression. For those who are bored of seeing pretty people doing pretty poses in pretty places.

This is a site which welcomes all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages….. this is for those who love to write or read though-provoking writing…. for those who are sick of censoring themselves… those who are tired of conforming just to fit in. Let’s talk…. let’s really talk. Together, let’s write Not Another Yoga Blog.

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